Create Your Own Anime Character


There are multitudes of channels of entertainment for the kids of current generation. Apart from the television, social networking, dance and music, kids do get interested in some more interesting options:

Greatly attracted by the cartoon animations and the video-games which are hugely popular and innovative, the watcher has an urge to create your own anime character of his/her own. It does not stop with it – with the knowledge gained from whatever they have seen, they can also be clear about the attributes of their created animation character!

The approach

There are several stages to create your own anime character . After crystalizing the mental concept, the character has to be diagrammatically or physically evolved: Here is how:

Create Your Own Anime Charactera)    Decide the gender and age of the character -> it has also to be decided whether the character is a human, animal or something else.

b)    Evolve the personality of the animation character -> the appearance of the character should reflect the personality – whether the character is sensitive, emotional, selfish, perky, gutsy, or punk. It should be ensured that the character is unique. It should not be difficult to outline the character after watching & plating with so many of them!

c)    Special attributes -> the self-created animation character should have some special talents – for instance, the character can be a magician, a trickster, or a warrior, or an adventurer. He or she can be a great dancer or a driver – the character’s special talents and capabilities have to be brought about very clearly.

d)    Weaknesses -> Like most of us humans who are supposed to be curious mixtures of good and bad, it is suggested that the created animation character should have some sort of failing or a fatal flaw. This is in order for the readers/viewers to strike a rapport or empathy with the character as they find out the other side of the interesting character! The character may be ultra-sensitive or over-reacting to certain situations. ‘Devil may cry’ attitude without ever realising the danger of death can be one. Vertigo, claustrophobia or even sea-sickness or motion-sickness may be considered.

e)    Evolving a story-line -> make sure that the story is derived from personal experience or drawn from your favourite characters from different media. Give the animation character a sense of completeness by clearly etching his likes/dislikes and wants/beliefs.

f)    Add details to the personality -> favourite sports, color, films, books, and best friends, etc apart from the personal details such as age, hair color, complexion, and birthday. Even blood type, girl or boy friends, inspirational characters can be added. It will help present a well-rounded character.

g)    Start drawing the character with all the details above -> having seen the different body and facial features of the multitude of characters; this should not be so difficult. Pay attention to minor details like eyes, eyebrows, lips, cheeks, hairstyle, etc.

h)    Dressing up -> the dresses should match with the type of personality. Shirts, pants, skirts, hairstyle, footwear should carry the right details.

i)    Giving a name to the character -> Names are ubiquitous – it should be easy to come up with some unique name.

Now, the individually created and owned animated character is ready!

Some tips to create your own anime character

a)    Drawing practice -> drawing practice copying the available character should help giving a final good shape to the created animation character.

b)    Attempt variations -> trying to draw different postures and different angles and moods of the character will give completeness.

c)    Avoid blind copying  – it would be plagiarism

d)    A little bit of general knowledge -> like knowing the blood groups and the special characteristics of each type, and observing the people around you can be of some good help.

e)    Practice on shading & introducing new aspects -> repeated sessions on coloring, shading, adding marks to the character’s body & face will make it more complete.

f)    Sketch lightly -> for easy erasure, if required.


With a good mental concept and careful stage-wise steps, any individual can create their own anime characters.